2010 Encore Rosé


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This is Cabernet Sauvignon sparkling Rosé was made entirely in house, using the traditional Methode Champenoise process.

The wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle where it matures on the yeast lees. The bottle then undergoes le Rummage where the yeast sediment is shaken into the neck of the bottle which is then frozen to trap the lees. It is then disgorged by removing the closure and allowing the pressure to blow out the plug of ice containing the sediment. An expedition dosage consisting of the various final additions is made, and the bottle is topped up and resealed.

I use a crown seal. I do not use the evil cork in my still wines and do not see any reason to use it in a sparkling wine. During this lengthy and time-consuming process, my thumb is used to hold in the gas no less that 6 times for each bottle.

The wine does not have as much froth as most sparkling wines but has a great deal of very finely dissolved gas which comes out of solution with a sherbet-like explosion when it hits your warm mouth!

The wine is pink and delicate; dry but flavoursome.  It is like nothing you have ever tasted before!

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